B.A   PGCE   M.Ed   SENCo
B.A   PGCE   M.Ed   SENCo
Matthew Pereira B.A PGCE M.Ed SENCo
Matthew Pereira  B.A  PGCE  M.Ed  SENCo                                    

Professional Profile

Hello and welcome to my information pages.  I am an independent special educational needs (SEN) consultant and I provide support to schools and families to help children with SEN reach their full potential.  I am an accredited SENCo and an experienced teacher with a master’s degree in Educational Psychology.


I support schools by providing a range of services, including targeted interventions for their vulnerable children and strategic advice to improve their overall SEN practice.  My work with families includes home-schooling, private tuition and advice about legislation that affects their children such as applying for EHCPs and support in educational tribunals. 


Over the past 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of SEN and vulnerable children.  I have steered two schools through outstanding Ofsted ratings and helped dozens of families to ensure that their children receive the help that they deserve. 


Please read my testimonials and contact me for further information about my services.  

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