B.A   PGCE   M.Ed   SENCo
B.A   PGCE   M.Ed   SENCo
Matthew Pereira B.A PGCE M.Ed SENCo
Matthew Pereira  B.A  PGCE  M.Ed  SENCo                                    

Private Work

If your child's needs are too important or too complex for regular tutors, then you should consider working with a trained specialist. 


I provide a range of services to families, including home-schooling, private tuition and legal advice.  I can create individual education plans based on the specific needs of your child and also deliver high-class lessons to help them make the progress that they need to.


My lessons are fun and entirely child-centred.  I use a range of kinaesthetic equipment to cater for all learning styles and to give your child a hands-on experience of the concepts that they are studying.  


If your child is currently educated out of school, I provide communal home-schooling, which allows them to develop their social interaction skills, such as discussion, debate and collaboration.


If you would like to find out more about my services and how I can support your child's learning, contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation. 


Email:   tutoring@matthewpereira.co.uk

Tel:       07920 136 683

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